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Agri India Corporation was established in 2009 and its headquartered in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Agri India Corporation is a modern agrochemical company specializing in research, development, production and marketing of agrochemical products.

From the beginning, Agri India Corporation has strived to bring the latest technology to agribusiness and farmers for common development and prosperity. Agri India Corporation is dedicated to crop protection with the conviction to become one of the leading ISO standard agrochemical companies in India. Agri India Corporation has become one of the leading companies with the help and support of its dedicated team members and dedicated partners.

Value Creation

1. Always contribute towards value creation for all stakeholders
2. Focus on performance instead of performing
3. Always recommend correct & creative solutions
4. Fast actions for improving efficiency

Our Commitment

1. Always keep record of commitments made and update
2. Work within deadline and be result oriented
3. Be answerable and accountable for actions
4. Be honest & reliable

Continuous Learning

1. Always Strive for innovation
2. Building new capabilities among colleagues
3. Continuous Self up gradation on daily basis
4. Readiness for Adopting improvement within organization

Customer Service

1 Customer satisfaction is our 1st priority
2. Never compromise with quality standards
3. Always strive for better quality
4. Adhering policies and SOP every time
5 Building long term professional relations with stakeholders for their success

what we offer

Our wide range of products consists of high quality Eco friendly agrochemicals

Our wide range of products consists of high-quality, environmentally friendly agrochemicals, ranging from insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fumigants, plant growth regulators to rodenticides and more, for use in plant, horticultural, floricultural and other agricultural applications. It covers all areas of the field. At Agri India Corporation, we are constantly developing and evaluating our products to find new solutions to the problems of Indian farmers.

Insecticides are agents of chemical or biological origin that control insects.

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Herbicides are chemicals used to kill or damage unwanted plants or parts of them.

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Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores.

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Fumigation is a method of using a lethal gas to exterminate pests within an enclosed space.

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