What are the advantages of pesticides?

Pesticides help farmers produce more on less land. The introduction of pesticides allowed farmers to grow more crops on less land, increasing crop productivity by 20-50%. In addition, pesticides enable farmers to maximize the benefits of other valuable agricultural tools such as quality seeds, fertilizers and water resources. Pesticides are therefore essential tools for the […]

Why are herbicides used in agriculture?

To understand herbicides, we must understand the importance of weed control. Weed control has long been a necessary part of agriculture, even before herbicides were developed. When you grow crops, unwanted plants called weeds sometimes grow together. The presence of these undesirable plants can adversely affect the growth and yield of the desired plants as […]

Benefits of Pesticides

Pesticides are important. It helps farmers grow more food on less land by protecting crops from pests, diseases and weeds and increasing productivity per hectare. Largely thanks to pesticides, production of staple crops has more than tripled since 1960. I was. The amount of wheat increased by almost 160%. All farmers, including organic farmers, use […]